Akhil Thampy

Website Developer

Website Designer

Website Pentester

Bug bounty Hunter

Akhil Thampy

Website Developer

Website Designer

Website Pentester

Bug bounty Hunter

Best Freelance Web Designer

build and design websites meant for sales


Our Workflow Process

  • Phase 1 – Planning The first step in any project is to establish clear goals. By establishing a solid foundation from the start, We can align our efforts in the right direction and make sure the project is on track to deliver desired outcomes.
  • Phase 2 – Design and Development In this stage we will produce a design draft which will give an idea of how the website will look. Once the draft is approved, we will proceed with developing the website and making sure it is optimized for conversions.
  • Phase 3 – Testing & Modification Thorough testing and modification will be done to make sure the website runs smooth with no issues at all. Testing with different devices is necessary to ensure consistent performance.
  • Phase 4 – Launch he launch process is the most exciting phase in our workflow. It's the moment when your website goes live and becomes accessible to the world and as always, we’ll make sure to be there with you
Services We Offer
Website Design

I created digital products with unique ideas use Figma & wordpress

E-COM Development

I build website go live with Framer, Webflow or WordPress


Increase the traffic for your website with SEO optimized

Benefits of getting a website built from us

All Device
Post Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Its because we have Top- notch expertise, quality, and creativity . Even superheroes don’t buy their outfits at discount store as Quality is an investment.

Our payment terms are 60% Upfront to be sent before starting the work and remaining 40% on the completion of the project.


Yes, the premium theme cost is included in the quotation.


No we do not however we can put you in touch with other partners who can provide you the same.

In order to build a professional website we need around 5-6 weeks.


We also provide Monthly SEO services that allow your website to rank higher and get more traffic organically.


We need the Logo, Complete Brand information and Product details to get started.


$ 30 hour
  • Need your wireframe
  • Design with Figma, Framer
  • Implement with Webflow, React, WordPress, Laravel/PHP
  • Remote/Online
  • Work in business days, no weekend.
  • Support 6 months
$ 99 hour


  • Don't need wireframe or anything
  • Design with Figma, Framer from scratch
  • Implement with Webflow, React, WordPress, Laravel/PHP
  • Remote/Online
  • Work with both weekend
  • Support 12 months
  • Your project alway be priority
  • Customer care gifts

No package matching your plan? Create a personalized package just for you. Connect with us to explore this tailored solution further

Let's Work Together!

  • Email: hello@akhilthampy.in
  • Phone: +91 93 83 43 91 99
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